Cash Now


Why Sell Your Real Estate Note?

Instead of receiving monthly payments, you can benefit by having  CASH NOW  for the balance of your Trust Deed, Mortgage Note or Real Estate Contract.

Due to current economic conditions, now may be the perfect time to convert your note to  CASH!  We are receiving phone calls daily regarding Cash Outs for…

      1. Purchasing Deeply Discount Real Estate

      2. Financing Foreclosure Opportunities

      3. Cash to Rehab an Existing Property 

      4. Invest in Higher Yielding Opportunities

      5. Pay Off  High Interest Loans and Credit Cards

      6. Building a New Dream Home

      7. College Education or Tuition for Re-Training 

      8. Business Purchase Opportunities

Let Blueberry Funding Assist You in Selling Your Private Residential Mortgage Note.  We maintain an extensive national database of note and contract buyers assuring you of “top dollar” pricing for your owner carry-back note.

We can provide…..

      1. Full Purchase Option..purchasing the complete balance of your note.

      2. Partial Purchase Option..purchasing a percentage of your notes face value.

      3. Income Stream Purchase..purchasing a series of monthly payments upon your note.

      4. Balloon Purchase..purchasing your future balloon payment.

To receive a conditional bid on your note, simply complete our online bid form or download our PDF bid sheet and fax it to our offices at Blueberry Funding . A member of our operations staff will contact you within 24 hours. You may also contact our offices at Blueberry Funding.